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As Mom lies dying…

December 1, 2015

For years, as a writing coach, I told would-be novelists to write through their pain and offered great ideas (at least they seemed great at the time) to accomplish this. But when I love my father and my mother began losing her memory, I found myself in that same position. I checked my website so infrequently that I lost it to some enterprising Asian who thought maybe I would buy it back from him. Small chance of that. I have managed to get my books on kindle and write a novella, The Violin, but not much else. My mother will turn 94 in a few months and I have no idea how much longer she has before she will join my dad in the great-unknown-hereafter, so I’ve decided to buck it up and get back to writing.

In the meantime, I have books I had intended to take to conventions or promote on my website locked away in the closet. With nearly all of them available on Kindle, it seems I don’t need so many any longer. So if you still love the feel pages, here’s my offer to you:

Get the uncut Shattered Glass here:

(Do you think Amazon could invent some of those “tiny URLs” for these links?)

Get my books on Kindle at Amazon.

Buy them in paperback from me for $6 for one, $10 for two, $13 for three, $13 for four. Just email me at and I’ll get with you on how.

And have a wonderful holiday all, cherish your family. For those of us not immortal, life is fleeting and precious.


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  1. As someone who has lost 4 grandparents, an aunt, and 1 parent: strength to you.

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