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“The Violin” novella releases on Smashwords

February 25, 2012

This means that (woo-hoo!) you can finally  read one of my e-books on all e-book platforms,not just on Kindle. Uploading was a long and rather frustrating process that has taken the better part of today. Since The Violin is only 44 pages long in print, I am rather concerned about trying to format Glass, but I will.

Daughter of the Night, which was free on Kindle for a few days earlier this month had more than 1300 downloads which should introduce vampire fans to my novels. I’ve also begun work, simultaneously until the creative process works itself out, on two Austra novels — the sequel to Beyond Sundown and a novel about Charles and Claudia set a few years prior to Blood Alone. This novel will merge the characters in Mina with those in the Austra series. I feel a bit conflicted about this as I have always loved having the Austras stand on their own in our world rather than in the more fantastical realms of the undead but putting Charles in the same room with Van Helsing is so tempting.

For those who have been reading my novels, I’m requesting that you post reviews. Most are very old and the newer ones (Beyond Sundown and The Violin) don’t seem to have any at Amazon or Goodreads. Thanks in advance to those who do!

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  1. “…more than 1300 downloads…”
    AWESOME! Spread the word, and the love.

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