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“Shattered Glass” book released

February 15, 2011

I needed to tweak the book a bit but the proof looks georgeous and it is wonderful to have the book printed on really good stock. I should have copies in about 10 days and Amazon and other sites and bookstores around the same time. I’ve also contacted a number of independent specialty bookstores as well. Because bookstores require a 55% discount, I can offer a much better price, with shipping, off my site. I now have it set up for PayPal (the easiest to use, and really, it is secure). It looks like the autograph request link did not go through.

If you order off my site soon, please drop me an email so I can be sure everything is working properly, and so I can autograph your copy if you wish.

One thing to add. If you are ordering a copy of Beyond Sundown when it comes out and do not have a copy of Nocturne, I will send you a pdf of it when you place your Sundown order. I have a few Nocturne paperbacks,but once they are gone, I may wait awhile before doing a print version.

  1. Siiri permalink

    Just to make very clear — Beyond Sundown will be available on paper too, right?

  2. Absolutely — it will be in print.

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