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Guest Blog and Giveaway at Fang-Tastic Books

February 11, 2011

I’m about to leave for Capricon but wanted to let you know there is a guest blog and giveaway of the new edition of Glass at Roxanne Rhodes’ review site. Of course, being me, it’s a bit beyond hearts and flowers and fangs … I look at how an immortal would see our changing world. The link is posted here, somehow my link function seems broken so you will have to cut/paste. Also, Glass is with the printer now. Should be available to purchase sometime next week. As soon as I puzzle the method out, I’ll be adding paypal to my site so people can order at a slightly reduced price from what Amazon or other bookstores will be charging.

  1. Siiri permalink

    Sweet! I very much agree. I actually feel rather frightened and sad when I hear people speak of the availability of resources in terms of decades like that is a very very long time.

  2. There is some hope. WikiLeaks (heroes, in my mind) released documents suggesting what has been believed in the energy sector for some time: there is 40% less oil in the Arabian regions than is reported. Oil is a finite resource, what will take its place? That decision will determine, I believe, whether we will survive in the long run.

  3. siiri2 permalink

    This comes as absolutely no surprise at all.

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