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New “Shattered Glass” cover!

January 10, 2011

Designed by Karen Ruud

Covers of books are, of course, copyrighted just like the contents, so I contacted an artist I worked with at Channel Guide Magazine and Karen came up with this for me. If you are interested in self-publishing either books or CDs, she is incredible. Drop me a line and I’ll arrange an introduction.

We will be using the church window theme through all the books. I am hoping to have copies in hand in time for Capricon. If not, I will be taking orders there.

Nocturne is almost ready to go up on Kindle. I will not be reissuing this in book form at present. It was recently enough published that I have copies and there are ample used ones available. It is something of a necessity to have read Nocturne before Beyond Sundown comes out as it is the sequel to Nocturne.

And I want to wish a belated happy new year to you all! Keep the peace … Elaine

  1. Siiri permalink

    Beautifuk. So now we get to see what Stephen/Charles “really” looks like — sort of. I pictured him/them looking rather like Peter Murphy with black eyes. Seems like I was right.

  2. Siiri permalink

    I’d also like to say that I WANT THIS AS A POSTER.

  3. Siiri, I think that poster can be arranged.

  4. Siiri permalink

    REALLY?! That’d be awesome! E-mail me.

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