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He grabbed him by the anus and dragged him down the hull and other adventures in OCR-land

December 31, 2010

That title of this post actually appeared in the Optical Character Recognition text for Blood Alone. Should have read, of course, “He grabbed him by the arms and dragged him down the hall,” but OCR has its own strange way of reading words. “Corner” often comes across as “comer” which leads to, “he sat in the comer.” I believe Woody Allen once sat in a comer in the film Sleeper.

On the second reading of Blood Alone I also found:
“I suppose they would.” Austra pressed his ringers together beneath his chin. His look seemed to measure his prospective employee, and Paul began to wonder uncomfortably when the next train left for Porto. (NOTE: I would, too). 

“Paul scanned the form, then, frowning, red it again.” Paul will, of course, be redding a lot but not nearly so soon in the story.

Ann could not paralyze but her attraction could divert, and knowing this, her eyes, huge and exotic, moved from nun to nun, promising pleasure and passion. (nuns ought to really like this story).

The most philosophical of the gaffes was: If he had a $ he would tell him what he thought. (seriously, some people’s thoughts are worth more than others).

I had a friend who volunteered to retype the entire book but it seemed like far too much work. And cleaning up the OCR has been quite a trip, but on a more serious note, reading my own work like a proofreader has led me to finding other less obvious gaffes that I made in the first round and were never corrected by the publisher.

And now that this luddite has figured out how to “share” this post, I am happy to announce (again, and sorry for those who have it) that Shattered Glass, Blood Alone and Blood Rites are now on Kindle with more to come.

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  1. Siiri permalink

    Hah! Life’s more fun when viewed kitty-corner.

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