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“Blood Alone” now on Kindle

December 28, 2010

Blood Alone is set before and during WWII. In Lisbon and Paris, the Austra family is using their mental powers to covertly aid the Allies. The story is told from the point of view of Paul Stoddard, an architect who comes to the Austra family to learn glassmaking and design and finds himself passionately in love with Elizabeth Austra.

A Fangoria review of the book praised it when it first released in 1991, saying, “There are spies galore in bedrooms and ballrooms … and more than one kind of hot bloody climax…An entertaining deviation from the usual vampire formula.” This book predates Shattered Glass and can be read as first or later. The story came to me while I was writing Glass and was my second novel. It was certainly the one I researched most carefully. In the pre-Internet era, this meant frequent visits to the library, browsing stacks for true memoirs of the war.

Now the first three Austra novels are available on Kindle. Uploading to Nook is far more difficult. I am not sure my book will ever show up there, but if they do, I will let everyone know.

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  1. Siiri permalink

    Yay! This one is my favorite so far.

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