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Kindle Upload Done — book should be on Kindle soon

December 2, 2010

First off, the actual upload was the easy part. I am trusting that the kindle book will link to the published second edition which still has a page on Amazon. This new edition is priced at $4.99.  Please let other readers know it is out there. I will be doing a full court press with a number of vampire fiction sites. If you are a reviewer, I can send a pdf on the trust that you will not pass it on.

I am planning on uploading Blood Rites early next week, followed by Blood Alone, Nocturne and then the newest book at a slightly higher price than the reissues. The paperback is a bit more time consuming — I am waiting for the cover art at present — and will be far more expensive. Cost is one of the advantages of a traditional publisher, though only by a few dollars. Hopefully, fans will not be concerned.

Expect, too, to see me at more conventions in the future and I will have books to sell. You can also purchase from my site via paypal as soon as the books are ready.

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