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Update on the books…

August 28, 2010

I have been hard at work these last few weeks and have successfully negotiated the simple yet tedious process of optical character recognition and currently have the complete Shattered Glass manuscript finished as it was published — and sans all those Fr. O’Macra’s and 1 for I’s. I have just started the equally tedious process of comparing document to the original manuscript and adding sections taken out. It is astonishing how many there are … and I am making value calls on each addition as some were just … well, the overdone prose of a new writer.

So it seems like a good time to give estimated time of arrivals for each book.

Shattered Glass – kindle and trade paperback book (more on that in a moment) Oct. 30

Nocturne – kindle Oct. 30 (plenty of used copies available online and I have some as well) By the way, this book is a must read before Beyond Sundown.

Beyond Sundown – kindle and trade paperback book Nov. 30 or earlier.

I am hoping to get the other Austra books — and Leanna, one of my personal favorites — reissued by early 2011.

As to how Glass will be released, I’m not completely sure. While a hardcover would be lovely, it does get expensive and I’m hoping to reach a new group of readers with the novel. I am going to check on whether I can release both ways, it is called Print On Demand for a reason, yes?

As for the kindle, Amazon has aps that let you read the book on your computer or your phone (as if anyone would want to!) as well as with their reader. They are not exclusive, so I can publish elsewhere as well, though I do not think the other e-readers are nearly as common. If you access the Amazon site from my website via the app soon to be posted there, it would give my books added support.

Other Austra books will be released as I can get them into digital format. Most of these were written with pre-word programs and are stored on large floppy disks so it is a bit tricky.

One final favor, if you have a fiction/vampire related blog or know of someone who does, send me the site info. Needless to say, as an author going it alone, I am relying on my networking skills to get word out about the books.

 Also, if you have written me directly, please do so again. My computer crashed and I had to buy a new one and lost my outlook address book. My email is


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  1. Katrina permalink

    I just published my newest book on
    It is a self publishing site, POD and I really like it.

    They offer whatever size book you want and a down loadable version.
    Amazon is the largest book selling in the world, but they take quite a chunk of your profits for themselves.

    • ebergstrom permalink

      You are right, Katrina, and I am not publishing a book through Amazon for just that reason, but through the Bowker affiliate Light Source which is the most reasonable e-book publisher out there. However, Amazon Kindle e-books give 70% of each sale back to the author — if the book is priced between 2.99 and 9.99, I believe — and they are the biggest e-book publisher.

    • ebergstrom permalink

      PS – post a link and new book info on my site. I happily cross promote!

  2. Katrina permalink

    I am not sure about that, my first book, Beginners Guide to Psychic Development, (which was published through a publisher) was offered in kindle by amazon and I received .69 per copy sold, it sold for $9.95. My publisher pulled his authors books because of the low amount we received.

    I just received work from my publisher that Amazon has changed their rates, I will now receive $1.38 for the same book sold at $9.99, so it is re-listed.

    I don’t think that $1.38 is much better than .69, but apparently my editor does. It may be different if you don’t have a publisher?

    I love your books. My daughter and I have read them all. In fact she still has the copies of them.


  3. Siiri permalink

    “Shattered Glass – kindle and trade paperback book (more on that in a moment) Oct. 30”

    Trade paperback = comic adaptation?

    “Beyond Sundown – kindle and trade paperback book Nov. 30 or earlier.”


    “One final favor, if you have a fiction/vampire related blog or know of someone who does, send me the site info.”

    It’s a site not a blog, but is awesome. I sort of know Laura.

  4. Chris M permalink

    Is there any way to pre-order a paperback of ‘Beyond Sundown’? Amazon isn’t showing it yet, and I’d love to get it asap.

    • ebergstrom permalink

      Not at present. I am not sure that Amazon could show as we do not have cover or book ready yet. I’ll be posting as soon as we have a release date.

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