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Oh, those old texts!

June 24, 2010

It has always been my dream to publish Shattered Glass uncut. Not that a LOT was cut but enough that I rather missed it and the book came out some 12,000 words lighter than it should have been. When I suggested this to my former agent, he said, “Dream on.” Well, I have, and it will.

But before I can do that, I have to digitalize the entire manuscript, page by page, use OCR to turn pdfs into Word documents then do the edit, add back the pages, etc, etc. This is no simple matter but I am progressing. I am hoping to have Nocturne and Beyond Sundown (Nocturne‘s sequel and the new book in the series) up on Kindle and in print again by Halloween. Hopefully, Shattered Glass will be available, uncut, by Christmas. I am looking into the price difference for hard and soft cover.

Thankfully, every other early book was written in digital form … LEWP for Blood Alone and Blood Rites (I bought a Leading Edge machine which came with LEWP — an wonderfully user-friendly  program that no one can equal today), WordPerfect for Daughter of the Night. So all I need is a huge floppy drive and I can start converting those for release next year.

Thanks all of you who have written comments here.  — Elaine

PS – At present, I do have quite a few copies of Nocturne left, as does Amazon. It is must to read before its sequel.


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  1. Siiri permalink

    “I have to digitalize the entire manuscript, page by page, use OCR to turn pdfs into Word documents then do the edit, add back the pages, etc, etc.”

    More like OCD…;-)

  2. Starling permalink

    What you really need is to put the file onto a CD. It is unlikely that any modern computer will be unable to do that, but if so, send the file, in chunks if necessary to a friend who can do it for you through email.

    I am looking forward to the new book, and to the larger copy of the older ones. I’ve been a fan for years.

  3. ebergstrom permalink

    Starling, I am not sure what you meant. If there is no file, there can be no CD or document to send. I can create pdfs on the copier where I work, and from there can use OCR to pull the text, then must clean up. The clean up part is the difficult one.
    I actually considered just outsourcing the whole ms. to India and letting someone type it into word, until I realized I could digitalize it myself.
    Because galleys are nothing more than copies of page proofs they can be a bit muddy. So I have made copies of one page at various lightnesses and sizes (I think 115% is going to work the best). Now I can see which is most accurate with OCR and go from there.

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