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Just back from Draculacon…

May 10, 2010

Where a number of fans asked about e-books.  I had no information until I got home and discovered that Google is going ahead and selling e-books prior to their court settlement. I believe a couple of mine are on there. Nocturne and Mina, as I recall. So if you have a reader and want to try, go ahead.

Meanwhile, thanks to the advice of my new best friends in the e-publishing world, Craig Hines and his wife of Numina Media Arts, I have a wealth of information on going it alone.

The con itself was incredible. The guests involved in the program stayed at the Grand Midway Hotel where the haunts likely were in hiding due to the festivities (or perhaps they were celebrating in their own way). I will be uploading photos once I am back in Milwaukee. I suspect Blair Murphy will be uploading pictures sooner on his site:


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  1. Siiri permalink

    Can’t wait for the pictures!

  2. Siiri permalink

    “…Craig Hines and his wife of Numina Media Arts…”
    I just read that fast and thought you wrote Ninja Arts. ;-P

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