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Just asked to pull my copyrights

March 14, 2010

I didn’t wait to call Ginjer (my editor since the very beginning) tomorrow to ask this. I thought I would just change my mind, get too nervous, etc. I am a writer, I write, so I composed the e-mail, took a deep breath and pressed “send.”

I recall when Glass was taken. My agent was very ill, indeed the only contract we worked together on was that one before he died. I was so nervous. I didn’t think I should ever bother him, even though he lived four miles or so away and, in an era of no e-mail, there was no other way to reach him. After 9 rejections and 18 months at Berkley with no contact from him, I finally wrote a letter — a letter! — and heard back from his wife, Barbara. She wrote, With Ray very ill and me taking over the business, I am thinking I do not have the experience to work with a new writer and believe you need to find a different agent. I will get the manuscript back from Berkley and arrange to have it returned to you. Best of luck placing it elsewhere.

My hands had been shaking when I had given Ray my work, and now I was crying. Was this a field I wanted to go into? Really? A day later, Barbara called me. Berkley had not sent it back because they wanted it and were waiting for Ray to call. I think Berkley gave me an extra $1000 on the advance out of a bit of guilt, but I am not sure.

I thought of that, and I thought of how Ginjer and I went looking for Anne Rice’s coven party in New Orleans and found ourselves at the wrong house, having just woken the new owner (who was polite but a bit peeved as he gave us the correct address, though we were keeping a sharp eye out in case he’d called the police). I thought of how she came  up with the title and opening quote for Blood Alone.  I thought of our years together and how blessed I was to have the same supportive editor for 25 years. And when I pressed “send” my heart was pounding. but it is the right thing to do.

And here we go!


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  1. Siiri permalink

    You are very brave. Skald!

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